At age 7, Christiana changed school like she is changing calendar page; unable to keep up, she dropped out at my mother’s command – her heart sank. Desperately wanting to be in school, she fought tears, she toiled in the forest to increase the household income - to no avail; well, not enough to keep her in school. Christiana narrowly escaped death, when she came in contact with a large snake in a thick forest.

She didn’t know her lack of "school-ness" was all leading to something – her life was about to change.

After meeting her biological father for the first time, she moved to a foreign country all alone. Christiana was smacked left and right across the face with problems that was waking her up to her purpose - she felt alone and lost, things were working the opposite direction of her plan. In the midst of the chaos and trials, she found God. She struggled financially, and eventually dropped out of the university. She starved, almost homeless but God was with her, and He was the only constant relationship she ever knew. She was eventually awoken deeply to her purpose and it didn’t include graduating with a business/accounting degree so she can boast or please her friends and family especially her father who abandoned her when she was revealed to the world as a female child; she had thought graduating with a degree would at least show that she is something in her father’s eyes.

Few years Later, God told Christiana to write a book, but not just any book - a book about her life and the revelation he showed her about RAPTURE, HEAVEN, AND HELL with MESSAGE about God's love and meeting Jesus and angels in heaven. She didn’t think she was qualified for this calling - Christiana was reminded of the mystery letter she found years ago - a handwritten letter (written in red), personally addressed to her, titled, “DEEPER AWAKENING” - it changed her life, and became a map and her purpose was revealed.

Christiana's purpose is to edify, encourage and help people through her testimony and reconnect people back to God



My life didn’t just happen, every thing I went through was carefully designed and it was all preparing me for who I was becoming. My primary task is to be an advocate or an ambassador of Jesus Christ by spread the gospel through my testimony. After all I have been through, I am still standing, and it’s not by my power but by God's grace. The fact that I am still standing is enough reason to be transparent and share my testimony to help others. It would be selfish of me not to do so.


I am a writer and author. My professional career started off as a writer after publishing my first book, DEEPER AWAKENING. I write non-fiction and self-help book that encourage, help and edify people.


Speaking is something I have been very interested in but didn’t have the nerve to speak. When I was a child, I was never allowed to voice my opinion, it seem as though what I had to say was unimportant to people, so I harboured a lot in me; but when I turned 16 I found out I could write after pouring out my heavy heart through a pen on a paper, - I wrote pages after pages, and I felt good. Writing gave me a voice, it opened doors to a lot more things I always wanted to do, and speaking is one of them. The same reason I write is the same reason I speak – I am that voice that will speak up for those who cant not speak up for themself while edifying, encouraging and helping them.