Edify, Encourage, and Help

I am a writer whose purpose is to Edify; Encourage and Help people reconnect back to God.


I do this not by my power, but by the leading of the Holy Spirit of God, so that every word I hear, speak or write will be from God.

My Job is to yield myself and be a vessel to be used by God as I continue to release what is being filled in the vessel (me) to the people.


Have you ever felt alone, abandoned or rejected by someone that is supposed to love you?

And it makes you feel purposeless and crushed inside? You are not alone.

I have been there; I experienced rejection, faced many negative things, even death.

I questioned my existence, but one day, I found the light – God…and then I found my purpose. 

My life changed after I had an encounter with God, saw Jesus Christ in my revelation,

I had a revelation of rapture, gate of heaven and way to hell.

God gave me a hefty message to share with the world.


In my NEW book, DEEPER AWAKENING, I shared this profound revelation/message of Gods love along side my testimony.

I am on a mission to shed light to the world, God wants people tobe awake



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